Automatic Gate Maintenance Service and Repair

Automatic gate openers or electric gate openers, as they are sometimes called, are a wonderful convenience until they don’t work correctly. When they fail you are either locked in or locked out. You may be able to disable it but then your property is no longer secure. At Sunstate Gate, Inc. we are automatic gate repair experts. Sliding, swing or lift gates are no problem for us to repair. We use only the highest quality products and our service pros are highly trained on all the leading gate opener brands. If your opener is malfunctioning we will find the most cost effective means to restore function. Honesty and integrity are what we pride ourselves on and we will always work to provide the customer the best value possible. Of course, we understand that these issues often happened after normal hours. We offer 24 emergency repair services to ensure you always have ease of access to your property and that security is never an issue. Hopefully, you will never experience damage to the gate itself but accidents do happen. If that occurs we can repair the gate or if necessary replace it. We have worked on gates that have been severely damaged by cars and been able to restore it not only to working order but to its original appearance. Other wear and tear damage can also occur such as worn hardware and openers. These are things that we see far more often than accidental damage. One of the services we offer is regular maintenance to prevent wear from becoming a problem and to ensure your automatic gate system is always working correctly.

Gate Maintenance Service

Our maintenance service will ensure peak performance from your opener and include inspection of the gate and gate hardware. Without regular maintenance, parts become worn which may lead to more severe and costly repairs. If the gate is not swinging or sliding freely the gate opener will have to work harder which may lead to a shorter lifespan of the gate opener. Replacing the gate opener is costly and, as fate has, it will likely break at the most inconvenient moment. Regular service of all moving parts will ensure that the gate moves freely and works as it should. We will also service your access control system at the time of your gate service.

When screws, wheels or other hardware wear out, fall out or otherwise fail it may go unnoticed without regular inspection. The gate may operate fine for a while but as time goes on the failure of one small part can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on many others. Eventually, serious problems arise and require costly repair. Much like you must maintain your car the gate has moving parts that will benefit from regular service.

Call us and ask about our maintenance service before you have to call us for a repair. It will save you not only money but also your time and the stress of inconvenience. Serving Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and Englewood since 1999.